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Agent C (Senior Management) 7 Mar 16 Frequently Asked Questions

If you pre-ordered a Division CD Key for Uplay and you ordered Day 1 Edition, you will have received two keys, one for the main game, and one for the Hazmat Gear DLC.

The second key should be activated HERE.   http://www.thedivisiongame.com/beta

This will unlock the Hazmat Gear DLC for you upon release of the game.

Thank you for reading! You can pre-order the division CD Key by clicking the image below:

division cd key

Agent C (Senior Management) 4 Feb Frequently Asked Questions

If you have pre-ordered Xcom 2 and are currently awaiting arrival, don't worry!  Everything is on schedule for the keys to be arriving TODAY, 4th February.

You will receive an instant email notification as soon as the keys are available for collection.  We are currently in the process of scanning the keys.

IMPORTANT - do not make a ticket asking what time of day the key will arrive.

By asking us what time the key will arrive, not only do you delay responses for customers who have important order queries, but you are also causing delay in scanning the keys.  We cannot scan the keys if we have to man the support desk, replying to your queries asking what time they'll arrive! So please sit tight, and refer to our product page for the latest updates on ETA.

You will receive your key today in time to pre-load the game for playing at midnight tonight.