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Looking for your Hellfighter DLC Key? Please note that The HELLFIGHTER DLC Keys are include as a TEXT key beneath the image code. Some of our customers are not noticing the txt key but please rest assured there are TWO cd keys displayed in Autokey.

This is the place to get in contact with CJS CD Keys Staff. We have a dedicated support team working 24/7 answering tickets. Our average response time is 30 minutes, however please allow up to 12 hours just in-case we are going through a busy period.

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Agent C (Senior Management) 18 Oct Frequently Asked Questions

Missing your Hellfighter DLC?  Chances are that you simply didn't notice it!  See below for more information:

Please note that there are TWO CD keys in Autokey.

One is an image key, and the other is a TEXT key.  The text key can be hard to notice against the large size of the scanned image key. If you look closely, just beneath the image CD Key, you will see a second CD Key which is in 'text' format, allowing you to copy and paste the CD Key into Origin.  That's your Hellfighter DLC!

See you on the battlefield!