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CJ Poh 09 Mar Frequently Asked Questions

The russian version of Titanfall that we sell on our product page here:

Buy Titanfall CD Key

Does NOT require any VPN.  You can read a simple language changer tutorial to change titanfall russian version into english here:

How to change Russian Titanfall into English

Simply follow that tutorial and you're good to go. No VPN of any kind is required.

Agent 07 Mar Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, South Park is completely region free, but if you live in a country which is 'censored' then Steam will not usually let you activate, since we're selling the 'uncensored' version.

In order to activate the key, you must activate the game using an IP address which is located in a country that is 'uncensored' such as the UK.

To do this, you can use a VPN.

You can do it within 2 minutes by following THESE INSTRUCTIONS:


Follow this tutorial, but instead of selecting a 'russian' vpn, select a 'united kingdom' vpn. You will be able to then activate the key.

Once activated, the game will function in all regions and languages.