How to Activate xbox Live 12 month codes





    Hi is coming up the wrong region on my Xbox1 12month Gold account can you tell me how to change this thank you


    Hi is coming up the wrong region on my Xbox1 12month Gold account can you tell me how to change this thank you

  • Rosemarie Griffin

    Please help. I can't use this! !

  • Paul Blade

    Wrong region how do we fix this?

  • gavin hirst

    Fast easy cheap what more do u want

  • Agent C (Senior Management)
    the only way the customer is having problem is because:
    1: They did not log into before clicking the link
    2: The link they generated from the image was wrong, because they spelled the key incorrectly.
  • Sheldon Jhardinge

    Dont buy keys from here, they dont work and then cant get a refund ive waited 3 weeks for a refund and all they say is im at highest priority what a load of bollocks. Dont recommend this shit

  • Carter Xavier

    I tried to redeem code and I got this error: 
    Contact whomever you got this code from. It can't be redeemed.

    2018/09/15 - 15:33:27 UTC


    Do not use this  for xbox live keys

  • Mrpotatohead007

    Carter Xavier.. I agree.. I got the same problem, I've filed a Paypal dispute

  • Agent C (Senior Management)

    the best way to get solution is contact support team. making paypal dispute will delay refund by 14 days

  • Mrpotatohead007

    I contacted your support team over a week ago. I've sent you 9 messages and you keep sending a generic response that you are looking into the issue. I will never order anything from you again.

  • Mrpotatohead007

    Carter Xavier - I contacted Microsoft who confirmed my cdkey was blacklisted.. you will never get it to work.. escalate your paypal dispute as the company are totally ignoring me.

  • Mrpotatohead007

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY - they are refusing to give me a refund 1 week after purchasing a cdkey which Microsoft has confirmed has been blacklisted. I have filed a paypal dispute to get a refund. 

    Instead I bought from and received my key instantly and is working perfect.

  • David Osman

    They sent me a code already used sent so many messages still nothing trust me never again just to save a couple of quid

  • Tasha Moore

    My code never worked and was looking for a refund from Christmas please help
    Natasha Moore

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