How to activate Hazmat Gear DLC for The Division (Uplay)




  • David Noname

    I Would love to, But i got an Invalid key for the game and I Did not even get a full game key..................

  • Kyle Fodder Burgundy Rowlands

    This just takes you to the Beta sign up page?? how do I redeem my code? As Uplay does not recognise it?

  • David Noname

    UPlay will just says invalid key, i have 2 key one for the DLC and the Key for the game, but the game key keep saying invalid

  • Paul Van Der Wel

    i have the same thing, cant redeem the code cause its invalid

  • David Noname

    Paul Van Der Wel, i still did not get there code activated, so i went and bought it off steam instead i wasted money and they do not care 

  • Stewart Montgomery

    I get the code invalid on the division beta page too.

  • Karstin Mitchell

    Ya, This link they gave doesn't do anything. I already made a ticket on this and still have no reply. It would have been nice to get this stuff before I started playing... Still waiting...

  • Agent C (Senior Management)

    we updated the link.


  • Thomas Schartmueller

    entered the DLC key
    sites says: "Your code is not valid"

  • Lee

    Same..... DLC code says Invalid on the Page

  • Luismanuelcuba

    im having the same issue im unable to active the DLC key

  • Karstin Mitchell

    Nowhere on that page you linked has a place to enter a code. please provide a step by step guide, as I and others do no see a way to enter the key.

  • Thomas Schartmueller

    Key still not working. Neither ingame with the uplay store, nor on the beta website.

  • Lee

    Still same for me.. Just being told to go to over again in support tickets.... 

  • Nate Trebach123

    key wont work on uplay. the link just takes it to the beta page which is useless

  • Shaun Rackham
    I'm the same brought this game won't run and still no response. How can we claim money back
  • Kaputsnake

    guys i have the same problem... this is not fun 

  • Kaputsnake

    well now i know the problem the ones who sold the copies of the game have maby made a mistake or somthing becous i think the bots gave us alredy used copies and thats why it dident work becous i talkt to the ones who works at nvidia and they said that both of my copies were used for one month ago.... so i think we are going to have a conversation with the ones on cjs cd keys and maby get back our cash or get a new copie!

  • Ivan

    Agent c ,can you please help me with affiliate manager?
    I need help

  • connorbar3
    Is there any support on??
  • connorbar3
    Is there any support on??

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