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I just pre-ordered my game. Where is it?


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  • Mr Nage

    I've purchased 4 keys yesterday and did not have until now it is available and I received a message on Emily and I did not find keys dry validate my words this Emily   ( And these are that I received .  No keys are currently stored on our online system for this game. The admins have been notified of this, and will replenish the keys within 12 hours! You will be notified by email when the keys have been replenished and are ready for collection! If you are trying to collect a pre-order key for a game that has not been released yet, then you can expect Autokey to be replenished approximately 2 days before the release date of the game. 

    I waited one whole day and did not answer or reply on what to do and I love that I bargain with you.

    this is my game.... ARMA II Operation Arrowhead


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