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CD Key Invalid Error - How to Fix



  • Jordon Russell


    i've made a bit of a woopsy. I've just purchased your cd key for black ops two (steam key) an i've gone to get it and then asi was going through the anti-fraud thing, i clicked send pin to phone (which is my mobile phone) and i've waited.. and waited.. and waited but nothing. so i decided to go with the email option to send a document... to then realise i only have a drivers licence with my personal details on it. and nothing with my phone number. is there a way i can go back to the mobile phone option or can i send my drivers licence with a piece of paper with my phone number on it because i'm on pre-paid plan for my phone so i don't get phone bills with my number on it

  • Jordon Russell

    i live in Australia by the way. which is probably why the phone thing didn't work

  • Jordon Russell

    Also my order ID is : 

    Order #129996

  • Drlopata

    did they anwser you?


  • Ricsikokuti15

    I bought the Simcity LE, but the Origin doesn't accept!
    Can you help me?

    Order ID: 185732

  • Mario Vaher

    Invalid code for me. Order #18228 Pretty frustrating, I have submitted a ticket and been waiting for all day. Furthermore, the autokey image quality is beyond terrible, very hard to read, but I have tried all the combinations for entire day. Makes me a bit sad, seems like saving the couple of euros really wasnt worth it.

  • Barry

    hi i purchased dragon age 2 from you guys but the promo code for the black empo dlc doesnt work ...its been utilized already please rectify thanks!!!!


    Order 187174

  • Kim Hviid Venning

    Hey ive just purchased a steam key and even tho i copy-paste it from auto collect, steam says its invalid? please help me :)

    Order 187220

  • Floryan Pierre

    I've purchased a origin key for BF3 and it doesn't work, i wan't my key or i wan't my money back !

    Order #187485

    Thnks for answer quickly  

  • Charlie Catchpole

    i purchased a xbox live 1 month gold membership code and the key doesnt work and its already in use my order #
    order #187521 


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