Anti-Fraud Verification / Send ID - What does this mean?




  • Braden

    A friend of mine said he didint have to go through this and the only time something similar like this happened was whenhe made his first pruchase at CJsCDKeys was the phone verification which i've already done.

  • Oz Gatti

    has anyone gotten a refund?

  • Vern1290

    no i had to wait till they ahd otem in stock for 3 days they refused my refund

  • Darius l

    So how much is this "fee" for canceling order?

  • Scott Jong

    Honestly this verification system is terrible. Both my currently landline and mobile phone numbers were invalid, so now they're requesting me to send ID documentation!! And  I've just recently moved to a different state so my address on my ID is different from the one on my license. Is there any way around this?

  • Scott Jong

    The address on my license is different from my current address rather*

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